VAU Points Rewards

VAU Points are our way of giving something back to our loyal customers, We’ve made it easier to collect points on your account, as well as offering new ways to earn them. These points can then be used for discounts on your next orders

How to Earn Points

Earning points has never been easier. Make sure you have an account with VAU, then check out the ways below you can earn additional points on your account.





How to Spend Points

Once you have enough points on your account, you’re going to want to start spending them on your orders! For every 500 points you earn, you get £5 Discount code to add at checkout.


Terms & Conditions
1. You must have an account with VAU to qualify for reward points.
2. Birthday
- Every year you will receive 500 points one day before your birthday
- Once your birthday has been submitted, you are unable to change it, so please ensure this information is correct when entered.
3. Purchasing products
- For every £1 spent you will receive 2 points on your account
- If we refund the product, the points will also be deducted from your account
4. Facebook Likes
- You will receive 50 points for liking us on facebook 
- This can only be used once 
5. Spending points
- For every 500 points on your account, you can reclaim £5 off your order
- Your points will expire after 12 months, from the date that you received them, if not used